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Female secretary forced to work naked by ruthless boss

Due to bed behavior in the office, a lovely secretary is ordered to undress in front of her co-workers before resuming her duties in the nude for the rest of the day as punishment. Her crying and slowness in complying are testament to her extreme discomfort. Only in Japan, eh!

Girl with big tits is left red faced as she’s made to undress

These Japanese know how to make their ENF vids as this is another winner which does a great job of conveying the embarrassment and degradation of a pretty damsel in distress. Here, a hottie with magnificent full breasts reluctantly takes off all her clothes after being spoken to sternly by a guy and her reaction conveys well how humiliated she feels.

Pretty female patient exposed and humiliated in hospital

The scenario here is that for some unknown reason a young, nubile patient needs to be transferred to a different ward. The trouble is, she isn’t wearing any panties and her hospital gown is too short, meaning her pussy is on display to everybody as she is led through the public corridors. She meekly protests and desperately tries to stretch the garment down to cover her bush but of course she can’t. It ends with a doctor doing an examination of her pussy in a waiting room (again, not sure why, but who cares!) in full view of Japanese men who blatantly stare as she squirms with humiliation.

Women left bare and exposed by dissolving swimsuits

Two hot young Japanese babes are happily swimming in the public pool when their swimming costumes start dissolving, leaving them naked and afraid to get out for fear of being seen. Then the lifeguards decide to evacuate the pool for some reason, leaving our two girls in a dilemma — stay put and incur the wrath of the pool staff or get out as told and be humiliated.