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In this fantasy Japanese clip, a gang of schoolboys face off against a group of schoolgirls. The guys win by using their magical powers to humiliate and expose the girls, causing them to run off in shame.

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A bearded man with special powers is being followed by a curious Japanese schoolgirl. So he casts some kind of spell on her which makes her clothes vanish, leaving her standing topless and exposed before she screams and runs away in embarrassment.

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A lovely Japanese babe takes off her clothes in the street in this clip, at the instruction of the man behind the camera. She does so willingly, but is nevertheless embarrassed as her shy giggle betrays and at one point it looks as if she wants to make a run for it!

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A group of horny students blackmail their hot teacher having obtained footage of her fucking someone, which they threaten to make public if she doesn’t do as she’s told. Their first request is for her to stand in front of the class and undress. Despite her extreme embarrassment, she realises she has no choice but to comply. Then, they make her do other things…