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Embarrassed teen caught nude in a room full of people

This is a short but sweet clip from La petite amie (1988). Hot girl Agn├Ęs Blanchot walks out of a hotel bathroom wearing only her Walkman, which explains why she didn’t hear eight people walk into the room. She gets a rather embarrassing surprise, gasps and scurries back into the bathroom as everyone else laughs at her predicament.

Peeping Toms get caught, to the embarrassment of their victim

Three guys spying on a hot babe through the bathroom keyhole are busted in this short clip. They fall through the door and as it gives way the shocked nude girl screams and tries to cover up at the sight of three guys staring up at her from the floor.

Woman accidentally walks into a gym wearing no clothes

Lake Bell is the unfortunate girl who has an embarrassing episode in this scene from Over Her Dead Body (2008). Whilst in the shower at the gym, she thought she heard an emergency PA announcement evacuating the building. So she grabs a towel and, with shampoo still in her eyes rendering her temporarily blind, runs out into the gym much to the surprise of the people working out…

Hot nude blonde inspected at a slave market

In this scene from an unknown movie, a sad, embarrassed girl is inspected by some traders like a piece of cattle at a slave market.