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Sexy teacher blackmailed and forced to strip in the classroom

A group of horny students blackmail their hot teacher having obtained footage of her fucking someone, which they threaten to make public if she doesn’t do as she’s told. Their first request is for her to stand in front of the class and undress. Despite her extreme embarrassment, she realises she has no choice but to comply. Then, they make her do other things…

Female secretary forced to work naked by ruthless boss

Due to bed behavior in the office, a lovely secretary is ordered to undress in front of her co-workers before resuming her duties in the nude for the rest of the day as punishment. Her crying and slowness in complying are testament to her extreme discomfort. Only in Japan, eh!

Girl with big tits is left red faced as she’s made to undress

These Japanese know how to make their ENF vids as this is another winner which does a great job of conveying the embarrassment and degradation of a pretty damsel in distress. Here, a hottie with magnificent full breasts reluctantly takes off all her clothes after being spoken to sternly by a guy and her reaction conveys well how humiliated she feels.

Nude women humiliated in prison

Sara Malakul Lane is one of three female inmates being admitted to prison in this scene from 17 & Life: Jailbait (2013), a poor movie with little to recommend it but for the frequent nudity and lesbian sex of the lady prisoners. The trio are degraded by the officers as they’re made to strip, have a quick cavity search and then are hosed down like cattle.