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Cops bust crying hookers and film then nude

This is a clip from a real scandal that developed in Vietnam. The back story is that the police raided some prostitutes and refused to let them dress while they arrested them. To compound their humiliation, they filmed the entire thing which subsequently went on to air on TV and cause a national storm.

Degraded woman forced to lift her skirt and show her pussy

A nasty moustachioed dude orders a crying woman to show him her private parts, reveling in her humiliation.

Female secretary forced to work naked by ruthless boss

Due to bed behavior in the office, a lovely secretary is ordered to undress in front of her co-workers before resuming her duties in the nude for the rest of the day as punishment. Her crying and slowness in complying are testament to her extreme discomfort. Only in Japan, eh!

Sadistic teacher makes girls play bizarre nudity game

Now this is something I haven’t seen in any school curriculum. A gym lesson whereby every girl is naked except for a towel, with the twist being there is one less towel than the number of participants. So the girl who is nude and exposed must run around trying to grab a towel from someone else, and then it’s their turn. Strange indeed and it’s fair to say the schoolgirls are not happy to be playing.