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Girl’s top torn off during high school cat fight

In this scene from Savage Streets (1984) sexy blonde Rebecca Perle gets involved in a fight with Linda Blair during class and regrets it. She screams in embarrassment as her shirt is ripped off, leaving her topless and exposed as her classmates cheer and laugh. She runs off totally humiliated leaving feisty Linda as the clear victor.

Woman thrown outside naked and screaming

In this scene from Italian movie Victory March (1976), hot French actress Miou Miou is angrily stripped nude by a man as they argue. Then he throws her out of the apartment and locks the door. She looks around anxiously, aware of her nudity and that she could be caught exposed at any moment, before banging on the door and demanding to be let back in…

Sadistic teacher makes girls play bizarre nudity game

Now this is something I haven’t seen in any school curriculum. A gym lesson whereby every girl is naked except for a towel, with the twist being there is one less towel than the number of participants. So the girl who is nude and exposed must run around trying to grab a towel from someone else, and then it’s their turn. Strange indeed and it’s fair to say the schoolgirls are not happy to be playing.

Hot teen stripped and fondled in front of a young guy

A warped older woman forcibly undresses and then gropes a pretty girl, despite her protestations, as a young man is made to watch. The girl seems visibly humiliated.