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Reluctant girl gets nude for a strip search

Sexy Russian actress and former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko sheds her threads at the behest of some nuns in this brief scene from The Assassin Next Door (2009).

Nude women humiliated in prison

Sara Malakul Lane is one of three female inmates being admitted to prison in this scene from 17 & Life: Jailbait (2013), a poor movie with little to recommend it but for the frequent nudity and lesbian sex of the lady prisoners. The trio are degraded by the officers as they’re made to strip, have a quick cavity search and then are hosed down like cattle.

Crying woman made to strip by soldier

A tearful woman appears to be strip searched by an army guy in this scene. He ruthlessly barks out an order for her to strip and she does so clearly against her will and feeling degraded and humiliated, trying to cover up her fit body.

The McDonalds strip search scandal movie

This is a medley of clips from Compliance (2012), the film version of the real life infamous McDonalds strip search incident in which 18 year old Louise Ogborn was subjected to a sexually humiliating ordeal at the behest of a prank caller.

In this clip we see attractive blonde actress Dreama Walker playing Ogborn as she is ordered to strip, perform degrading acts and submit to a cavity search.