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Peeping Toms get caught, to the embarrassment of their victim

Three guys spying on a hot babe through the bathroom keyhole are busted in this short clip. They fall through the door and as it gives way the shocked nude girl screams and tries to cover up at the sight of three guys staring up at her from the floor.

Woman accidentally walks into a gym wearing no clothes

Lake Bell is the unfortunate girl who has an embarrassing episode in this scene from Over Her Dead Body (2008). Whilst in the shower at the gym, she thought she heard an emergency PA announcement evacuating the building. So she grabs a towel and, with shampoo still in her eyes rendering her temporarily blind, runs out into the gym much to the surprise of the people working out…

Man bursts in on embarrassed teen taking a bath

As a nubile teen enjoys a bath, an older guy walks in and starts talking to her, ignoring her protests as she tries to cover up. He hands her a drink and then insists on washing her back, taking the opportunity to ogle her as she tries unsuccessfully to make the persistent intruder leave.

Misunderstanding results in huge embarrassment for hot girl

A sexy French girl taking a shower shouts out to her male American friend that she’ll be out in a minute. But the doofus gets his translation wrong and thinks he’s been invited in for some steamy sex. Needless to say, the girl is angry and embarrassed when he jumps in the shower with her and checks out her naked body!