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Peeping Toms get caught, to the embarrassment of their victim

Three guys spying on a hot babe through the bathroom keyhole are busted in this short clip. They fall through the door and as it gives way the shocked nude girl screams and tries to cover up at the sight of three guys staring up at her from the floor.

Hot nude blonde inspected at a slave market

In this scene from an unknown movie, a sad, embarrassed girl is inspected by some traders like a piece of cattle at a slave market.

Man bursts in on embarrassed teen taking a bath

As a nubile teen enjoys a bath, an older guy walks in and starts talking to her, ignoring her protests as she tries to cover up. He hands her a drink and then insists on washing her back, taking the opportunity to ogle her as she tries unsuccessfully to make the persistent intruder leave.

Naked woman plays pool with some clothed guys

Ok, so the girl in this clip doesn’t appear too embarrassed that she has no clothes on. But she is so damn hot with such a spectacular rack, I just had to include it. One for the CMNF & NiP fans out there.