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Highly embarrassed woman made to strip at casting call

I guess this should really be classified as a CFNF (Clothed Female Naked Female) clip. A woman is being interviewed by another woman at some kind of audition, when she’s stunned to hear that she’ll have to remove all her clothes for the camera, which is apparently a standard requirement. She resists and argues for ages in an awkward exchange which appears cordial at first, but simmering underneath is some severe resentment. This only goes to prove how truly embarrassed the lady was when she finally complied and got totally naked.

Girl on verge of tears at naked audition

A pretty girl is happy enough at this casting call for a coffee commercial, chatting away about her hobbies and such. But when the guy behind the camera tells her she needs to take her clothes off, the atmosphere changes and she can’t believe it. The next thing we know, she is doing the advert nude, covering up her breasts with her arms and trying desperately not to cry. Her discomfort and humiliation is obvious, which begs the question — why did she agree to do it?!