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Sadistic teacher makes girls play bizarre nudity game

Now this is something I haven’t seen in any school curriculum. A gym lesson whereby every girl is naked except for a towel, with the twist being there is one less towel than the number of participants. So the girl who is nude and exposed must run around trying to grab a towel from someone else, and then it’s their turn. Strange indeed and it’s fair to say the schoolgirls are not happy to be playing.

3 comments to Sadistic teacher makes girls play bizarre nudity game

  • G

    Now this looks like a fun game. Though I feel like there should be some music playing and at the end of the song the one that is naked should endure some humiliating punishment.

  • Schlaubi

    This is a German movie called “Der böse Onkel”. The girl giving up her towel in the end is the wonderful Paula Schramm; I don’t know the others, though.

  • rb

    not happy to be playing. that makes it even more fun.

    @G great idea. and after the music ends the song should be replayed and the girl who loses has to dance to the song in its entirety completely naked. lol

    would love to see the blonde girl at 3 seconds or the girl at 10 seconds lose this game and be subject to this humiliation. oh well.

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