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About this site

What is ENF?
ENF stands for Embarrassed Nude Female (or naked). What constitutes an ENF pic or video is open to interpretation, but for me, two criteria MUST be fulfilled:
1) The woman must be nude or partially exposed
2) She must be showing obvious embarrassment
These may seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many supposed ENF incidents I’ve found that don’t meet these two simple rules. An ENF cannot, for example, be brazenly walking down the street naked, smiling at everyone she meets. That’s exhibitionism or flashing and doesn’t count as no embarrassment is felt, as in this example:

A sexy girl exhibits her naked body on the street

Examples of ENF
In contrast, the picture below may also be nude in public, but note the attempt to cover up and obvious discomfort felt by this hot girl. She may be smiling like the girl above, but you can still sense her embarrassment as she realises how exposed she was to the car that just drove past — this is a definite ENF pic:

A nude woman giggles in embarrassment

The woman doesn’t have to be outside voluntarily though and being locked out naked is a common ENF scenario. Here, a woman is in an awkward situation as she is shut out of her hotel room with no clothes on:

Locked outside naked - embarrassing

Another example of ENF comes from accidental nudity. In this incident a busty girl’s breasts have fallen out of her top and she hastily tries to cover up. The key here is her reaction, which tells us clearly that she is embarrassed. Oops!

A girl has an oops moment

In the photo above her embarrassment is rather mild, accompanied by a nervous laugh perhaps. But the range of embarrassment in the ENF genre can go from a light-hearted incident such as a wardrobe malfunction, to feeling totally humiliated and degraded in a much more sinister scenario, such as being forced to strip in this scene from the harrowing movie Strip Search (2004):

A woman is made to undress

So there are many situations which can lead to an ENF and all are covered on this site. There are comical clips to scenes of humiliation resulting in tears. Whichever type of ENF you prefer, you’ll find many videos of it right here.

So what’s CMNF and NiP then?
CMNF (Clothed Male Nude Female) is often mistakenly lumped in with the ENF genre. The two are similar but with a crucial distinction — in CMNF the embarrassment is optional as the thrill is derived solely from a nude woman being pictured next to a clothed man. NiP (Nude in Public) is exactly as it describes — a woman being pictured nude in a public place. In fact, the picture at the top of this page is a perfect example of CMNF and NiP. Neither of these niches require embarrassment though and that’s the key.

What is the attraction of the ENF genre?
That’s a good question, I’m not totally sure. Why is a woman’s embarrassment such a thrill for some people? I guess it’s about power. It’s said the thrill for a rapist is the power rather than the actual sex. Although I’m not comparing rape to ENF, I think it too is about power, albeit right at the other end of the spectrum to a rapist. If you are seeing a woman vulnerable (and you can’t get more vulnerable than being naked) then as a viewer who isn’t vulnerable, you hold the power. I’m no psychologist, but that’s my best guess.